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Fly Fishing Gear That Will Help You Catch More Fish in 2015

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Choosing the right fly fishing gear to help you catch more fish in 2015 is important. Here are some suggestions on quality equipment and flies that will put more fish in your net.

Are you ready to fish this year? Make sure you have all the necessary equipment to be successful. Don’t go unprepared!

Check out the 10 essential pieces that will outfit you for a great fly fishing trip.

1. 66-Piece Fly Assortment

If you are a fly fisherman in the eastern U.S., chances are that you enjoy fly fishing in streams for trout. The worst feeling is when you are on the water and encounter a good hatch with lots of rising trout, but don’t have the right flies for the moment.

A quality fly assortment will help put your mind at ease. You’ll be ready for the spring hatches so you can concentrate on making the right cast to that big rainbow that has been rising on the other side of the pool; instead of fumbling through your boxes looking for the right fly.

This assortment is geared towards the eastern fisherman.


2. Sage Accel Fly Rod

Choosing the right fly rod can be one of the hardest aspects of fly fishing. If you are a trout fisherman, then the Sage Accel fly rod is for you. This rod has only been on the market for a few months so many people have yet to cast one.

We have though and are happy to report that this rod is the perfect combination of power with a tip soft enough to handle even the largest trout’s head shakes. If you are looking for an all-around trout rod, try the Sage Accel in a 9-foot 5 weight. From small dry flies to heavy nymph rigs, this rod will do it all and is light enough that you will not be tired at the end of the day.


3. Lamson Remix Fly Reel

Looking for the perfect fly reel to put on your new Accel fly rod? This year, Lamson has quit making the Konic and replaced it with the Remix. Like all great Lamson reels, the new Remix contains the same freight train stopping drag system that makes Lamson one of the top reel companies in the world.

Did you just purchase that Accel or another great five-weight fly rod? Then we recommend the Remix 2 as the perfect match. Try one out and you’ll know why we love to use Lamson reels.



4. Redington Sonic-Pro Waders

Now that you have a new rod and reel, you need to make sure that you can fish and stay dry. After all, some of the best early-season hatches will occur in water temperatures that have barely reached 50 degrees. Choosing a good pair of waders can be difficult, especially once you see how much some of them cost.

Thankfully the Redington Sonic-Pro waders offer a good compromise between quality and affordability. Used by some great fly fishing guides, these waders will hold up to long days on the water through all kinds of weather.



5. Simms Freestone Felt Boot

Along with the new waders, you will want a high quality boot to keep your feet comfortable while out on the water. Simms wading boots are durable compared to most of the competition. The Simms Freestone felt boot is perfect for a small stream fisherman who loves to rock hop. The felt will really dig in on those slick rocks and keep you secure. If your state has banned felt, then consider the Simms Freestone StreamTread boot.




11 backcountry boot


6. Airflo Super-Dri Elite Fly Line

If you bought that new Accel fly rod, then you probably need a new line. Even if you did not buy a new rod this year, you should check your old fly lines for cracks and other problems that will lead to reduced flotation. One of the worst things you can do is to be cheap when it comes to your fly line. When you are on the river and a big riser is working a hatch 60 feet away, you will want to know that your line is up to the cast.

Airflo fly lines are awesome because of the five-year no-crack guarantee that they make for each of their lines. Looking for a line that will hold up to fishing that is as tough as you? Then look no further than the Airflo Super Dry-Elite fly line.


7. Patagonia Vest Front Sling Pack

Find out why sling packs are all the rage now in fly fishing. If you have been looking for something to replace your old fishing vest, then consider the Patagonia Vest Front Sling Pack. This pack is comfortable and large enough to carry whatever gear you need out on the stream.


8. Rio Powerflex 7.5 ft Leader

If you are planning on hitting small streams, then a 7.5-foot leader is your best friend most of the time. Your casts will likely be short anyway and a longer leader may end up in the streamside vegetation.

Rio’s leaders and tippet material are some of the best in the business. Looking for the perfect small stream leader? Then order the 7.5-foot 5x leader.


9. Hardy Grip ‘n’ Snip

Hemostats are extremely useful while out on the water. If you have ever had a trout take a fly deeply, then you know the importance of having the right tool to remove the fly.

These hemostats from Hardy have the added advantage of being able to operate as scissors as well. That means you do not need to carry a pair of nippers with you anymore.


10. Simms Wading Staff

If you fall and break a leg while wading, then having all of this awesome new gear will not be very useful. The Simms wading staff helps you wade those slick streams with confidence.

There are two versions priced for both the economical angler as well as the angler that wants the best of everything. Both will keep you upright while wading even in the roughest water.


Are you ready to get out in the backcountry to do some fly fishing? If you check off this gear on your checklist, than you are ready to have the ultimate trip.

Happy fishing!

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Fly Fishing Gear That Will Help You Catch More Fish in 2015