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Fly Fishing for Trout? Here Are Some Tips for Pocket Casting

Struggling to get into those hard-to-cast places trout hide? Watch this video to learn tricks of the trade in tight quarter fly fishing!

Fly fishing for trout can bring you to some pretty enchanting places. Some would even say taking in the scenery could be just as big an influence of the fishing. Sometimes these waters can be incredibly packed. Graeme Pullen, from the Totally Awesome Fishing Show, has a few ideas that will lead to a more productive day when in these situations.

Graeme starts off explaining what exactly pocket casting is. Pocket casting is where you cast to select bodies of water and work your fly. Using different retrieve techniques to bring your line in can be a tremendous help. Usually switching from a fast retrieve to a slow retrieve, or vice versa will do the trick. If that doesn’t work, adding weight to get a quicker dive will get their attention.

Angles seem to be a big priority as well. In the video, Graeme draws a detailed illustration of how to effectively approach different obstacles. This guy has got pocket casting to a science! Watch as he effortlessly works the different bodies of water seamlessly. It all starts to make sense after seeing the illustration and it being put to test in person.

Stealth plays another key role in pocket fishing tactics. Many don’t realize how good of eyesight trout have and ruin there shot at quality fish. Make sure to minimize your noise and movement! It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to try and wear clothing that doesn’t pop out against the natural surroundings.

The last idea Graeme mentions is to have the ability to think outside the box. When fishing a pool, don’t just go and start casting. Sit for a second and evaluate your situation. A lot of the time, thinking for an extra minute could be the difference between a small fish and a trophy fish!

Graeme Pullen really provides some good insight on to covering tight spaces. Take a look at his diagram and go test it for yourself! Hopefully, the pocket water will provide a handsome reward.


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Fly Fishing for Trout? Here Are Some Tips for Pocket Casting