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Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in Washington’s Banks Lake


Fly fishing for smallmouth bass is growing in popularity, here’s some tips for targeting bass on the fly at Banks Lake in Washington State that can be applied most anywhere.

The Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife put together this short film to explain some popular technique techniques for targeting smallmouth bass on the fly. The short video is narrated by David Paul Williams, author of “Fly Fishing for Western Smallmouth.” He explains that anywhere from a six to eight weight rod can be applied to targeting smallmouth depending on the presentation.

“Anybody who has a steelhead rod, they have actually have a smallmouth bass rod. Anybody who has a trout fly rod, like a wooly bugger, they actually have a smallmouth bass rod.”

Williams adds that a little extra shooting line makes it easier to get presentations to the proper depth. Bright chartreuse, baitfish & crawfish imitations, and larger profile baits are ideal for targeting smallmouth.

Micheal Bennett, owner of Pacific Fly Fishers fly shop near Mill Creek in Skykomish County further explans that topwater poppers are more ideal during morning and evening times, using a lighter rod and floating line.

For more information on targeting smallmouth in the state of Washington, check out Fish Washington’s database on Smallmouth Bass, which lists the distribution of the species. Check the WDFW special regulations for more details on regulations for each individual fishery.



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Fly Fishing for Smallmouth Bass in Washington’s Banks Lake