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Fly Fishing: Casting for Barbel in Spain [VIDEO]

The beautiful Spanish countryside is the perfect backdrop while enjoying some fly fishing for barbel, AKA golden bones.

The anglers in this video by Flymage Fly Fishing Magazine are sight fishing for barbel using dry flies and nymphs in summer, spring, and fall. The barbel is a small fish that is similar in appearance to a carp.

They are usually found in slow moving waters with gravely bottoms and high levels of oxygen. The name barbel references the whisker-like protrusions on the fish’s mouth.

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Anglers who target this species affectionately call this fish “golden bones.” This is a reference to the hard-fighting bonefish found in other areas of the world. Barbel provide a challenge for fly fisherman due to the clear water which they often inhabit. Sight fishing for this fish using fly fishing gear requires accurate casting and stealth during the approach.

A closer look at a barbel or “golden bone.” Wikimedia Commons

The anglers in this video look to be having a great time fly fishing with their friends and that is what fishing and the outdoors is all about.

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Fly Fishing: Casting for Barbel in Spain [VIDEO]