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Fly Fishing for Bass on Central Texas Lakes

Central Texas Lakes are one of the most kept secrets of fly fishing. Watch this video to see how amazing the fishing really is!

When most people think of fishing in Texas, the first thing that comes to mind normally isn’t Central Texas lakes. Alvin Dedeaux of All Water Guides shows us that these lakes really are spectacular fisheries. Watch as he covers many of the pristine lakes located around Austin and the surrounding hill country.

Lake fishing in Texas can be some of the most sought-after fishing. With such a vast amount of water bodies around, you have a huge variety in the type of lake and structure you want to fish. Another great thing about the lakes of the hill country are they aren’t crammed with people. The best time to fish a lot of these lakes is when the river systems are blown out. More than likely the bite will be on at the lake.

When fishing these lakes topwater flies seem to dominate the selection. A lot of the fishing you do will be casting into the banks and around logs to trigger a reaction bite. Yellow and black poppers seem to be a popular choice. Streamers can also leave a large impact on the bass of these waters. Large unweighted baitfish patterns help bring the big fish up and keep the fly from getting tangled in the vegetation. The colors typically used are white with chartreuse and yellow. When the water clarity isn’t that great, it is a good idea to switch to darker colors.

Speaking of water clarity, if you take a close look at the video you will notice the weather is raining or overcast in a lot of the clips. This speaks to how well these fish in bad weather! Whether rain or shine, next time you are in central Texas be sure to grab a pole and head to the lake!


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Fly Fishing for Bass on Central Texas Lakes