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You Have to Fly Fish the Pennsylvania Streams in the Winter

Don’t put that fly fishing gear away this winter, try your line creek fishing in Pennsylvania.

Check out this winter fishing in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. This guy is doing some short casting and nymphing for trout with great success. Winter fly fishing can produce incredible results as trout at times are actively feeding to keep weight while also prepping for spring.

Creek and small river fishing is actually some of my favorite type of fly fishing. While many of the big name rivers in the east and west produce bigger trout, these little creeks can be real gems with almost no fishing pressure, especially in the winter.

If you live in the Keystone State or are traveling through, keep your fly fishing gear handy as good opportunities abound to wet a line and catch a trout, even in the winter months. Pennsylvania actively stocks numerous spots with trout to allow year-round fishing.

For Pennsylvania fishing regulations check their site.

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You Have to Fly Fish the Pennsylvania Streams in the Winter