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How To: Fly Casting in Tight Quarters [VIDEO]

fly casting in tight quarters

When fly casting in tight quarters keeps you from the fish, you’ll wish you had learned how before you hit the river.

As a fly fisherman, many of the spaces and rivers you will fish will, at some point, have places where your space is limited.

Therefore, fly casting in tight quarters is an essential skill for every fly fisherman to learn.

Take a look at this short clip of Jeff Mishler, the producer of the Skagit Master DVD series, as he shows you a few tips and tricks to improve your fly casting in tight quarters.

The best thing about these strategies is that you are not really adding a lot to your cast, just changing how you do it a little.

So, before you head back out to the river, take your favorite fly rod and head to the backyard.

Do a little practicing with these new techniques and make sure you are able to get a cast out with limited space so that when you are chasing that fish, all you have to worry about is catching him.

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How To: Fly Casting in Tight Quarters [VIDEO]