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Fly Casting in a Strong Wind is Easier Than It Seems [VIDEO]

Fly Casting in a Strong Wind

This great fly casting lesson from expert Tim Rajeff will have you casting in the wind like a pro in no time.

If you are a hardcore fisherman, you know that some of the best fishing conditions may not be optimal casting conditions. If you learn a few basic techniques for fly casting in the wind, then you can make the most of any opportunity to be out on the water regardless of what nature throws at you.

Steve Rajeff is arguably the best fly caster in the world so there is no one better to get fly casting instruction from. He explains how to cope with any situation you may encounter involving wind including when the wind is at your back, blowing directly towards you, and also coming from each side.


Now that you know how to deal with the wind, it is time to get out on the casting lawn and practice.

Even better, head for your local lake or pond and get a little fishing in at the same time. Just remember that some of the best days for catching fish are probably the toughest days for fly casting, but if you practice a lot, then you will be prepared for any situation you may encounter.

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Fly Casting in a Strong Wind is Easier Than It Seems [VIDEO]