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How to Fly the AirDog Auto-Follow Drone [VIDEO]

Watch this video and see how the AirDog auto-follow drone will be turning heads this year. 

Drones, drones, and more drones—but the AirDog is not like the others.

Check out this video of on an AirDog auto-follow drone using a GoPro to capture an unreal point of view.


That was pretty simple, right? Imagine using the AirDog to get a sight on that big buck just over the hill or for scouting out a new hunting area. The possibilities are as endless as the skies above.

All you have to do is: unfold the AirDog, place it on the ground, strap on the AirLeash, plug in the battery, walk to a safe distance, initiate take-off, and drive. It will follow you on your trip capturing things from an amazing vantage point. Once you’re finished, make the AirDog land and upload the video from the GoPro.

More information about the airborne sidekick, here.


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How to Fly the AirDog Auto-Follow Drone [VIDEO]