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FLW College Open Gears up on Kentucky Lake

Second Annual Open
FLW Fishing

Anglers around the nation are set to fish the second FLW College Open on Kentucky Lake! 

As temperatures begin to warm up it can only mean one thing: tournament season for bass fishing is on the horizon, and the FLW College Open isn't far behind!

This weekend teams from around the nation will compete in the Fishing League Worldwide second annual College Fishing Open for one of the top 15 spots that would qualify for the 2017 National Championship.

FLW College Open


Not only will anglers compete for a National Championship spot, but first place will receive $25,000 worth of gear and prize winnings including a Ranger Z175 and trailer with a 90-hp outboard trolling motor. Other teams that place will also draw a check to support their sport and their respective university or college.

Last year more than 190 boats participated in the first ever College Open at Murray Lake in South Carolina. It's no surprise that, with that many boats, it was the largest collegiate fishing tournament ever.

Some of the Universities include Easter Illinois University, University of North Carolina, Liberty University, Bowling Green State University of Ohio, Coastal Carolina University, University of Kentucky and the University of South Carolina who defended their home state and won the tournament last year.


Kentucky Lake is sure to draw a crowd. David Young of Mayfield, Ky., won the BFL's 2016 inaugural tournament with a bag of 26 pounds 1 ounce, and local tournaments have had to catch 30 pound bags in order to win.

Young caught his winning bag with a red Rat-L-Trap fishing rocky banks, however fish have already started moving to beds now. Many anglers will be fishing with crankbaits, jerkbaits, shaky heads,  umbrella rigs and jigs as was the case in 2015. Tournament director Kevin Hunt claims, "This will be one of the greatest college fishing tournaments of the year for a number of reasons."

It will give teams a chance to fish for a National Championship and the chance to fish a very productive lake all at the same time. The tournament will be held April 1-2, and the launch will take place out of Moors Resort.

All images via FLW Fishing


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FLW College Open Gears up on Kentucky Lake