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'Flush in the Wild' is the Uplifting Outdoorsman Story We Need Today

'Flush in the Wild' follows an Army veteran's struggle through PTSD and salvation through his hunting and wilderness experience.

Iraq war veteran, Erik Packard, explains his struggles in "Flush in the Wild". It is a story of how the Boundary Waters, a vast wilderness area bordering Minnesota and Canada, helped his healing process through hunting and fishing.

He has also come to the forefront in protecting this wilderness area for hunters, anglers and outdoors people from a large-scale proposed mining project.

A great story of redemption and healing through nature and outdoor pursuits. Erik Packard clearly benefited from his experiences in this wilderness area. His journey shows that sometimes you have to go beyond medical solutions and find your healing path in nature.

He has also taken a lead role as a proponent for anglers and hunters by forming the Veterans for Boundary Waters. This group of military veterans has taken it upon themselves to protect this area from proposed sulfide-ore copper mining which could have a significant impact on water and wildlife quality.

For more information on the Veterans for Boundary Waters see this link.


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'Flush in the Wild' is the Uplifting Outdoorsman Story We Need Today