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Flukemaster's Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Angler

The Flukemaster presents some of his favorite new fishing products for your Christmas gift list.

Gene "The Flukemaster" Jensen tests a lot of fishing products throughout the year. As this year draws to a close he brings together the things that he says "really impressed me, worked successfully with me or [are] just a dang good product."

We've provided links to the products Jensen loves, following the video. Here you go, Flukemaster's Christmas List!

He likes the reel seat, the durability of the guides, and the price.

  • KastKing Reels: "They are ideal entry-level reels. If you don't have a whole lot of money and you want to buy a baitcaster or a spinning reel, I would totally recommend these. Because you know me, I'm looking for the best product at the lowest price. And that's where these land."

Jensen compares the KastKing Royal Legend baitcasting reel to the Abu Garcia ProMax, but sells for half the price of the Abu Garcia.

  • TH Kustoms THKO Wakebait: "I have not caught small bass on these. My very first fish was a six-and-a-half pound, the very next one was a five...the next one was a big four-and-a-half pound spotted bass. This thing catches big fish."

Flukemaster also mentions where you can get the Wakebaits custom painted - another nice feature.

  • Salty Scales Shirts: This company makes attractive, fish-themed sun-protection apparel. UV protection is an important consideration for every angler concerned about his or her skin health.

In addition to offering UPF50 sun protection, Jensen says, "They use the best quality dye for these shirts. They won't fade."

The shirts are also double-stitched, lightweight, and anti-microbial.

  • Sonar Phone: Jensen did an earlier video on how to use a castable fishfinder (watch it here). The Sonar Phone is, he says, basically "the same thing. The only difference is that it's less expensive."

This is the most expensive item on Jensen's Christmas list, but is still affordable at around $130.

  • FatSack Fishing Log: This one's a freebie. It's a phone app that documents everything you might need to archive your best fish and fishing outings.

"I am so excited," Jensen says. "It's everything you need for a fishing log...I can't say any bad things about it."

No doubt that angler in your life - or even you! - would love any of these great Christmas gift ideas.

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Flukemaster's Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Angler