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The Fluffiest Snow on Earth? [VIDEO]

The fluffiest snow on Earth fell in Calgary last night, further delaying your hopes of fishing.

Our friends up north have not had an easy winter this year. Ice fishing was plentiful but the many anglers who enjoy sunnier pursuits have been boarded up, waiting for the lakes to thaw and warm. As winter continues to hold its grasp on our year, many parts of the US as well as Canada got dumped with a late season snow storm.

A man living in Calgary "all his life" was one of the many who got the belated snow, and in his case it was the "fluffiest snow [he's] ever seen."

Check out the videos below to see what we're talking about. It is truly quite beautiful.

As you can see, those flake are HUGE! And not only are they huge, they're gorgeous. Each flake's design so different from the next, and the weightlessness of it is just breathtaking.

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While we're completely ready for winter to get the heck out of here, its videos like these that remind us how nature can be so beautiful, even at random.

Have you ever seen snow like this? Us Texas folk sure haven't. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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The Fluffiest Snow on Earth? [VIDEO]