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The Flower Shell Lets You Garden with Your Shotgun [VIDEO]

The new Flower Shell gives you a new, and green, excuse to break out your favorite shotgun.

The next time you get roped into doing some work in the garden, keep the Flower Shell in mind. It is as simple as it sounds: A shotgun shell filled with flower seeds.

Shoot it into the ground and boom…you just planted a bunch of flowers.

Sure beats getting down on your hands and knees with a shovel!


The designer of the Flower Shell explained his favorite shooting technique to Wired;

I fire from the hip, aiming at the ground about six to 12 feet ahead of me, holding the gun firmly. It’s a good feeling, the violent blast, knowing this is the birth of a flower. I like the idea of turning as many shotguns as possible into flower guns. I don’t think we can plant too many flowers… I have no real problems with real guns for hunting but I can’t stop feeling it’s better with seeds than lead.

While I don’t think many hunters will be giving up their favorite sport for shotgun gardening anytime soon, the Flower Shell is definitely an interesting secondary use for shotguns.

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The Flower Shell Lets You Garden with Your Shotgun [VIDEO]