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5 of Florida’s Top Game Fish

These five species make up some of Florida’s top game fish. Do you agree?

Choosing Florida’s top game fish is obviously a matter of opinion. But there are a few that pop up on almost everyone’s list of favorites. Let’s take a look of the characteristics of some of the most popular.

Mahi Mahi

Mahi mahi are a pretty impressive fish to say the least. Their odd shape and intriguing stature make them perfect grip-n-grin photo subjects.


Legend has it that marlin are named for the Marlinspike that is used by sailors. They are extremely fast swimmers and have been known to reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. Marlin are so much fun to catch even Ernest Hemingway was an avid marlin angler. He loved to detail the struggle that fisherman face when battling marlins, especially when nasty weather adds to the challenge.

National Geographic


Snook are another fish that are well known for their capability to put up a fight. They offer so much excitement and are so coveted, that preservation efforts have sprung up in parts of Florida in recent years. Snook are highly intelligent. They are known to plan their spawning. They account for temperature, water salinity, rainfall and even full moons in their spawning calculation.


Tarpon present a big challenge because of their size and their agility. You can typically find them from four to eight feet and over 60 pounds. They are furious when hooked, leaping out of the water in an attempt to get free. Young tarpon are often found in freshwater, but adults are known to head for open waters.

Inside Florida

Largemouth Bass

Like tarpon, largemouth bass also become airborne as they try to rid themselves of the hook. You will typically find them in shallow water near big patches of weeds. Largemouth bass are so desired that they have earned the title of The State Freshwater Fish of Florida.

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5 of Florida’s Top Game Fish