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Florida Youngsters Reels in Amazonian Catfish [PICS]

Two young fans of Animal Planet’s River Monsters catch a river monster of their own… in a Jacksonville, FL neighborhood.

12-year-old fishing buddies Ethan Lloyd and Christian Scheibe love to fish in the pond behind their homes in the Clay County, Florida neighborhood of Oakleaf. They also love to see exotic fish species, like amazonian catfish, on their favorite TV show. What they weren’t ready for, was something straight out that show.

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Earlier this month the pair caught a red-tailed catfish, just like the one (albeit smaller) Animal Planet host Jeremie Wade caught on the show River Monsters. While the boys fish was only a few feet long, it was miles from its natural habitat… the Amazon River.

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Florida has become a breeding ground for non-native species, as the boys’ amazonian catfish suggests. Many theorize that exotic pet owners simply dump their animals in the wild when they are unwilling or unable to care for them any longer.

In order to combat the growth of non-native, and often destructive species,  the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission has an Exotic Amnesty Program. For more information, call 1-888-483-4681

Have you ever encountered an exotic species while hunting or fishing? Share your story in the comments below

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Florida Youngsters Reels in Amazonian Catfish [PICS]