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Florida Woman Fights Off an Alligator to Save Her Dog [VIDEO]

fights off an alligator to save her dog

One woman in Inverness, Florida was willing to risk life and limb as she fought off an alligator to save her dog.

Once you get a dog and it becomes part of your family, there is not much you wouldn’t do to keep it safe. And, apparently that includes fighting a 7.5-foot alligator with your bare hands.

Lori Beiswenger of Inverness, Florida was out with her dog on July 11 at Point O’Woods golf course, of which she is the owner, when things took a horrible turn, says WFTS Tampa Bay.

As she waited for help to arrive, Beiswenger took matters into her own hands, quite literally, and headed into the water to try to wrestle Hope from the jaws of the alligator. She fortunately managed to hang on until someone heard the struggle and came to help.

Eventually help did arrive and they were able to snatch the dog from the hungry gator, and thanks to the quick rescue work Hope is expected to be just fine.

The golf course alligator on the other hand did not come out so lucky, as he was captured and sold to a nearby restaurant for meat.

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Florida Woman Fights Off an Alligator to Save Her Dog [VIDEO]