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Florida Wildlife Officers Gun Down Extremely Rare Wolf

On May 4, Florida Fish and Wildlife officers shot and killed a rare wolf after it escaped a wildlife sanctuary in Chipley.

The Digital Journal reports the rare wolf, nicknamed Chaco, fled the Seacrest Wolf Preserve on May 1 after heavy flooding destroyed his enclosure.

Fish & Wildlife officers found the wolf four days later a school out of session and euthanized him.

The decision to kill Chaco has outraged the head of the Seacrest Wolf Preserve, Cynthia Watkins.

She is wondering why Chaco wasn’t tranquilized instead.

Image via Imgur
Image via Imgur

Chaco was a rare subspecies of British Columbian gray wolf that’s thought to be extinct, though a small handful remain in captivity. The male wolf reportedly fathered a litter of pups, but only one had survived.

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By all accounts, Chaco didn’t show any signs of aggression towards humans.

According to the Digital Journal, sworn accounts of the Fish and Wildlife officers involved in the case revealed that Chaco actually ran away from humans that he encountered outside the sanctuary.

Another source of contention with the decision to euthanize Chaco is that a Fish and Wildlife spokesperson publicly said Fish and Wildlife responded with several people at sundown, and it was then they made the decision to euthanize the wolf.

Although, documents obtained by the Digital Journal showed that the decision to euthanize Chaco was made when they first responded to the sanctuary after Chaco escaped.

Watkins said that officers never told her they intended to euthanize Chaco. She is now petitioning Gov. Rick Scott to take action over the matter.

Do you think wildlife officers should have killed Chaco? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

Featured image via Imgur

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Florida Wildlife Officers Gun Down Extremely Rare Wolf