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Florida Turkey Hunt Kicks Off the 20 Gauge Grand Slam [VIDEO]

The Hecs 20 Gauge Grand Slam turkey hunt is off to a fast start with the first bird on the ground.

Southern Florida was the first stop on the tour for the Hecs 20 Gauge Grand Slam where Jason Cleveland found himself engaged with an Osceola on a gorgeous hunting property outside Orlando.

As any turkey hunter understands, these iconic birds present their share of challenges.  However for Jason, thanks to his Hecs stealthscreen and a little patience, this turkey read the script and strolled down the farm road straight to the decoy.

"There was a light rain so we had to adjust our plans slightly, but it didn't take long for the bird to show up," explains Cleveland, who self-filmed the experience. "He took his time getting to me, but once I saw his spurs I knew I had to take my shot."

The Osceola is named after the legendary Seminole Chief Osceola who lead his tribe in the 20-year war in 1835. And while this turkey is smaller than the eastern wild turkey, its color variations fit perfectly in the piney woods of Florida.

"Chasing the Osceloas in March is a great way open the season," said Cleveland who serves as Broker / Partner for Trophy Properties and Auction. "This is such a tremendous hunting farm and a big thanks to Greg Sanchez (owner of the farm) and Darrin Cavaletti of Wildside Armory for the custom cokes. Everyone did a great job helping bring this hunt together."

One bird down, three to go. Next on the list is the Rio. Jason and Joe Ogden are packing their Hecs gear for a trip to Texas next week where they will test their skills on a tremendous hunting property in the southwest.

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Florida Turkey Hunt Kicks Off the 20 Gauge Grand Slam [VIDEO]