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This Florida Trophy Bass Has a Checkered Past [PICS]

All images via Flickr/ FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

A trophy bass from the waters of Florida has been caught and released multiple times and there's no telling where it will show up next.

Through the power of deduction and by scientific means, Florida Wildlife Conservation (FWC) biologists propose that a trophy-sized largemouth bass they captured in 2015, weighing 12 pounds, 15 ounces gained somewhere between five and seven pounds over the course of a mere four years.

The big largemouth was collected as part of an electrofishing survey in January of 2015.

As they were about to tag the 26-inch fish, researchers realized that it had been tagged previously.


Although the base of the tag was still present below the skin of the fish, the rest of the tag with the ID, telephone number, and the value of the reward for its return were missing.

Since the bass's home lake was included in a past study, they knew that it was probably tagged for the first time in 2010.

It was then thought to be one of three hefty bass caught the following spring, 2011.

Those fish weighed between six and eight pounds, and knowing that their brute was one of them, this particular largemouth showed a tremendous rate of growth for a fish caught and released multiple times. It officially weighed in the 12-pound range when the FWC captured it in 2015.


For a female bass caught and released at least once by angling and twice by electrofishing, this largemouth has not only survived but has continued to thrive.

The fish now has a new tag and at 13 pounds and growing, it might put some lucky fisherman on the radar for the Trophy Catch Hall of Fame.

Biologists have not released the name of the big largemouth's home lake at this time.

All images via Flickr/ FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute

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This Florida Trophy Bass Has a Checkered Past [PICS]