80-Foot Yacht Sinks Into The Sea Leaving Two Stranded
Photo by Filip Filipovic/Getty Images

Florida Titanic: 80-Foot Yacht Sinks Into The Sea Leaving Two Stranded

Two people on a luxury sport yacht may have been feeling like they were king of the world, but they were more like Leo from the Titanic. Their 80-foot yacht ended up sinking below the sea off the Florida coast. The stranded people on the yacht needed rescue.

The U.S. Coast Guard reported that they rescued two people from the sinking yacht after an emergency distress. The operator of the 80-foot yacht called the Atlantis sent out an SOS message for help. They reported to the Coast Guard on Saturday that they struck an object. The object knocked a hole into the bottom of the yacht, and as a result, they were taking on a Titanic amount of water.

The yacht was nearly three miles off the coast of St. Augustine, so the Coast Guard had to spring into action to save this aboard. Sadly no amount of quick response could have saved the boat itself. The yacht ended up doing its best Titanic impression. The stern sunk beneath the wave, tilting the boat into a vertical position. From there, the boat sank further but didn't completely sink into the sea. Part of it remained above the water.

Yacht Sinks In Florida

Fortunately, no one was was harmed or injured. No lives were lost, so this is where the comparisons to the Titanic ends. St John's County Fire Department managed rescued both people from the yacht, according to the US Coast Guard. The organization is investigating exactly what caused the sea vessel to sink.

Additionally, the U.S. Coast Guard sent out an alert to nearby boaters about the partially sunk yacht. The organization wanted to avoid any further emergency situations. In response to the rescue, the crew of the yacht thanked the organization for their swift response.

"We extend our heartfelt gratitude to St. John's County Fire and Rescue for their invaluable assistance during this case," Senior Chief Petty Officer Ricardo Santacana, from the US Coast Guard, said in a statement.

"With the weather improving and mariners heading out onto the water, it's imperative for everyone to verify the presence of all necessary safety equipment aboard their vessel. This ensures that responders, as demonstrated in this case, can swiftly locate you and render assistance when an emergency arises," he continued.