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Florida Teens Still Missing from Fishing Trip [VIDEO]

Two Florida teenagers are still missing after going out on a fishing trip nearly a week ago. 

The Coast Guard has been searching for Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen for almost a week now, spanning 44,000 square miles to no avail.

The boys were last seen getting gas for their 19-foot boat in Jupiter, Florida at 1:30 p.m. last Friday. The boat was found capsized last Sunday.

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Both the boys are known to be experienced boaters and fishermen. Friends and family hope that they are marooned off the coast somewhere and utilizing their survival skills.

"My husband keeps saying that he thinks one of them made a spear pole and they're out there eating sushi. These boys are like mini-MacGyvers," said Carly Black, Austin's mother.

The Coast Guard's search is fluid, meaning that the amount of resources used will depend on developments.

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Florida Teens Still Missing from Fishing Trip [VIDEO]