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Street Fishing? Florida Man Catches Fish in Flooded Street [VIDEO]

Tampa flooding sparks street handfishing.

Flooding in Tampa, Florida has created a unique opportunity for this unorthodox fisherman. In this raw footage a man hunts down a fish with his bare hands in the street. Yes, you read that right.

Take a look at this raw video of a Florida street flooding while a man in the back is fishing.

I guess there isn’t a bad time to go fishing.

This fisherman isn’t the only one enjoying the flooding. A few kids in the back are actually street rafting.

After catching the fish, the man runs for a quick photo to prove that he indeed caught a fish during the intense Florida flooding.

The video took place at a popular intersection in Tampa on Hillsborough Ave. and Sawyer. This may have been the only time a fish was caught on that street and luckily it was recorded for everyone else to see.

The reporter wants to make sure that kind of fishing is legal, which is probably not the most important detail.

Obviously, flooding is serious and we hope that everyone in Florida gets through these storms.

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Street Fishing? Florida Man Catches Fish in Flooded Street [VIDEO]