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Florida State University Student Sues Because She Can’t Bring Gun to Football Games


A student wants to keep gun in her car on campus but is not allowed. See why she’s suing. 

A Florida State University student is suing her school because she is not allowed to bring her gun to football games.

Rebekah Hargrove sued the school Tuesday in a suit filed by the gun rights group Florida Carry. She wants to be able to leave a firearm locked in her car while attending football games and classes, which goes against a school policy.

Florida law allows guns to be kept in locked cars but schools are an exemption. Florida Carry is arguing that the university’s policy is illegal under state law. They are seeking an injunction before the next football game this Saturday.

“This newest prohibition they put on their game day plan was such a blatant violation of state law,” Florida Carry executive director Sean Caranna told reporters. “The law always allows this, but the problem is that we have a university saying people will be arrested for violating an illegal policy.”

This isn’t the first time Florida Carry has tackled this issue on universities in the state. The group won a case against the University of North Florida on the same issue in 2012.

Florida State University declined to comment on the lawsuit, but the university’s president, John Thrasher, has gone against the idea of guns on campus in the past during his time as a state senator.

Florida has attempted to pass bills allowing students with concealed weapons permits to keep guns on campus but both bills failed. The issue of guns on campus has been a hot-button-issue for FSU since a gunman wounded three students there before being shot by police in 2014.

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Florida State University Student Sues Because She Can’t Bring Gun to Football Games