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Florida Poacher Hit with $3K Fine After Shining Ducks in Ontario

Wikimedia Commons

Poacher was allegedly shining ducks on Canadian lake. 

A Florida man who was caught poaching ducks at night last October has been handed a fine of $3,000 in Ontario.

CBC News reports conservation officers caught the unnamed man red-handed last October when they saw his boat cruising along the shoreline of an island on Lake of the Woods in the northwest part of the province. The unnamed poacher was allegedly shining the ducks with a spotlight before shooting them.

When confronted, officers found two ducks and a semi-auto 12-gauge in the boat with him.

Though the violations happened last October, the man only just pled guilty in Ontario court on June 7. He was hit with two separate fines in the night-shooting incident. One was a $1,500 fine for hunting at night and the other was a $1,500 fine for the loaded shotgun in a motorboat.

The man also cannot purchase a migratory bird hunting license for a year in the incident after the violations under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act and the Migratory Birds Convention Act.



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Florida Poacher Hit with $3K Fine After Shining Ducks in Ontario