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Florida Pelican Rescued from Fishing Line by Park Ranger

Miami Beach Police

If the animal kingdom had a collective perception of man, it has to be pretty one pelican can attest.

We eat them, we feed them. We chase them, we cuddle them. We shoot them, and in the case of this Miami, Florida pelican, we rescue, then heal them.

The bird was found by patrolling officer Anier Marrero who discovered a fishing hook lodged in the bird's elbow. It had also suffered lacerations from the attached fishing line. See how this bird is getting a second chance because of the kindness of people.

Thanks to the folks at the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station as they were able to warm up their new feathered friend, then nurse it along with food and wound care. Pelicans are known to be bold opportunists, unafraid to scoop someone's catch right off of their line.

Maybe he'll be a little more cautious around fishing tackle once he's released.

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Florida Pelican Rescued from Fishing Line by Park Ranger