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Florida Has a New State Record Blue Catfish

FWC/Paul Thomas

Who knew Florida could grow a state record blue catfish this big? 

A giant Florida blue catfish was caught on the Choctawhatchee River, and it’s going to set a new state record for the species.

Bill Stewart, who lives in Weeki Wachee, was fishing in an annual catfish roundup tournament held on May 30th, just outside of Ebro, when the monster blue catfish took down his skipjack herring rigged on a circle hook. Soon after bringing the blue to shore with 100 pound line, Stewart realized he may have just caught the next Florida state record blue catfish.

After Stewart’s catfish was officially measured and notarized, it was recorded at 69.8 pounds, 49.5″ long, and a girth at a whopping 31.75″.

According to the local FOX station’s report, this new state record blue catfish beat out the old record by five pounds. Coincidently, that catfish also came from the same river.

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Florida Has a New State Record Blue Catfish