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Florida Will Consider Legalizing Hunting Suppressors

Florida may be the next to legalize hunting suppressors.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission will consider a proposal on Sept. 10 to allow hunters to use suppressors to kill deer, turkey, gray squirrels, rabbits quail and crows, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

A suppressor reduces the loud noise generated by a gun blast.

"It basically will take a high-powered rifle and make it sound like a .22," said Tony Young, a spokesman for the wildlife commission. "It still makes a sound, but it's at a lower decibel level.

Young said the proposal to allow hunting suppressors came from Florida hunters and landowners who want to help hunters reduce noise pollution created by gun blasts.

"Maybe they're hunting close to some houses and maybe they want to be quiet for their neighbors. Maybe if they're quiet when they shoot, it will scare the game less. We're just trying to give people the opportunity to be able to buy one and use one if they choose. We don't see enough negatives to not allow them."

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Suppressors can also help hunters and shooters protect their hearing from harmful blast noises.

Opponents of the proposal argue that hunting suppressors are too quiet and might encourage poaching.

Florida residents can legally own suppressors, but it's illegal to use them on firearms.

If hunting suppressors were legalized in Florida, acquiring one would not be easy. Potential owners would have to pay a transfer tax and go through a series of background checks.

Do you think Florida hunters should be allowed to use suppressors? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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Florida Will Consider Legalizing Hunting Suppressors