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Florida Man Uses Bleach to Kill $20K Worth of Live Bait

A Florida man is facing felony charges after using bleach to kill thousands of his competitor’s live bait fish.

In south Florida, goggle eyes and speedo fish are scarce and expensive live bait. With the region’s upcoming fishing tournaments this summer, live bait dealers that carry the fish stand to make some serious coin.

Naturally, there’s some business competition, but for one live bait dealer, the drive to get ahead turned into an awful act of sabotage.

At around 2 am on May 31, Alexander Ramer, of Lake Worth, piloted his boat to the Boynton Beach home of his competitor, Gary Case, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Ramer, 25, snuck around the back of the house to Case’s bait pens and poured in two gallons of bleach.

The bleach attack killed 2,340 fish. Case said he sells google eyes for $100 a pop and speedo fish for $150 each. Police estimate the damage around $20,000, though Case estimates his losses around $30,000.

“I think it’s terrible,” Case said. “I lost a lot of money and I don’t know why he would (do this), other than personal gain.”

Ramer might have thought he would get away with his act of sabotage, but he failed to notice the security cameras that were pointed towards the bait pens.

The cameras captured footage of Ramer pouring the bleach into the tanks, but it didn’t show enough to identify him. Although, the footage did show Ramer’s boat – a boat Case recognized because he had sold it to Ramer.

On June 1, Ramer’s father arranged a meeting with case, in which Ramer confessed to his crimes. He was arrested and later released on bail.

Ramer now faces felony charges for criminal mischief.

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Florida Man Uses Bleach to Kill $20K Worth of Live Bait