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Florida Man Stops to Check Out a Gator, Leaves With a Snake Bite

Was it luck, smart thinking, or our article that saved a Florida man’s life after a snake bite?

We can’t be sure but the famous tiger encounter scene from the movie Apocalypse Now may have been running through the head of a Boynton Beach, Florida man recently.

While driving along I-75 in the infamous “Alligator Alley” area, he and his girlfriend pulled over and stepped out of their vehicle to get a closer look at a gator.

The unidentified man inadvertently stepped on and was bitten by a water moccasin. Now, I’m not one to say I told you so, and of course we wish him a speedy recovery, but I told you so…

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Watch where you step, especially now that the weather is warming up, snakes are naturally out and about, so be careful.

The victim’s girlfriend followed our advice from a recent article here on (we don’t actually know if she read the article but we’d like to think so anyway), and snapped a picture of the snake.

After being airlifted by helicopter to the Cleveland Clinic Hospital in Weston, the victim was stabilized and received emergency treatment for the bite. The photograph was used by the Miami-Dade venom unit to positively identify the type of snake and administer the proper antivenom. Points to her for quick thinking under fire.

Perhaps a quick review of snake safety is in order; again I would refer you back to my recent article, and remember…

“Never get out of the boat! Never, ever get out of the boat!” – Chef from Apocalypse Now.

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Florida Man Stops to Check Out a Gator, Leaves With a Snake Bite