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Florida Man Shot with Own Gun While Protecting Sea Turtle Nest [VIDEO]

Florida Fish and Wildlife

Who doesn't like sea turtles? Apparently, this guy really, really does not like sea turtles.

On July 17, a man attacked two volunteers protecting a sea turtle nest on a beach in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea.

He managed to wrestle a handgun from one of the volunteers and subsequently shot the volunteer in the buttocks.

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The shooter is a convicted felon named Michael McAuliffe, and he didn't shoot just any volunteer. He shot Vietnam veteran Stan Pannaman, who was giving his time to serve the community.

According to witnesses, McAuliffe walked up to Pannaman and his fellow volunteer, Doug Young, and told them he didn't like sea turtles. He began to remove the stakes surrounding the nest, and Pannaman pulled out his handgun and told McAuliffe sea turtles are a protected species.

"He got more aggressive and he got up and he came towards us and he started pulling the stakes away from the nest area," said Young.

Pannaman then put his gun back in his pocket, and McAuliffe wrestled him to the ground, took his gun, and shot him. Bystanders called the local police, and they took McAuliffe into custody.

It makes you wonder what these cute, peaceful sea turtles ever did to make McAuliffe so angry.

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Florida Man Shot with Own Gun While Protecting Sea Turtle Nest [VIDEO]