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Florida Man Shoots Self, Doesn’t Notice Until 3 Days After

We love Floridians, but this Florida man who shot himself and didn’t notice until days later really makes you think.

Over the weekend, it was discovered that Michael Blevins had shot himself without really noticing while he was cleaning his .22 pistol three days before.

After checking in to Florida Hospital Fish Memorial in Orange City, Florida, the Daytona Beach News-Journal reported that the authorities were called following his admission that he accidentally shot himself without realizing it. So how does this actually happen?

Turns out Blevins was in the middle of cleaning his .22 pistol and while holding the gun against his chest so his dog wouldn’t jump near it, he felt a sharp pain. The pain led to his back, from a prior injury, giving out when he “heard a loud gunshot and then he hit his face against the edge of a glass coffee table.”

He had recently taken medicine for his back injury, which was acting up, and thought he only really felt pain around his eyebrow that was cut as he fell against the table. However, he had shot himself, too.

This realization didn’t come until three days later when he decided to change his shirt (after three days, mind you) from a black long-sleeve shirt. He noticed the blood stains on his fresh light brown shirt and saw the entrance and exit wounds in his arm.

His wound cauterized on its own, but he still checked into the hospital. Think this is a hoax? The police report concluded that “deputies accompanied Blevins to his home after he was discharged and, after examining the scene, determined Blevins accidentally shot himself.”


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Florida Man Shoots Self, Doesn’t Notice Until 3 Days After