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Florida Man Catches 400-Pound Fish Using a Wrench

The world is full of innovators and generally outdoorsmen are the best among them.

Ryan Hein of St. Petersburg, FL has earned his seat among the select few. He recently caught a 400-pound Goliath grouper using a wrench.

The number of things that come to mind while sitting around talking would fill an encyclopedia. That is, if we could remember them. Ryan Hein decided to not only remember it, but to put it to use.

Using an old 11mm wrench from a mechanic’s tool set, he attached two large hooks and told the world on Facebook that he was going out to use it. And use it he did.

With his pole bent in half, he managed to pull in a 400-pound goliath of the sea.

Not only did Hein catch this monster on a wrench, he did it with tackle that should have broken in the process. The 400-pounds of fishy flesh is way over the limits of a 50-pound test line.

As the video shows, he went on to catch more on the lure that day and ultimately lost it. However, he has remained undaunted and moved up to a 14mm.

Alright everyone, it’s time to head out to the garage and see what you can find. We’ll see you on the water.



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Florida Man Catches 400-Pound Fish Using a Wrench