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The Florida Hunter’s Christmas List

Here’s a gift guide for the Florida hunter’s Christmas list, perfect for helping you find the ideal present for the outdoorsman.

It’s about time for family gatherings, time-honored traditions, home-cooked meals and exchanging gifts. That’s right boys and girls, the holiday season is here. Balancing family obligations with days of hunting isn’t always easy, but is always worth it. Whether you are a hunter searching for gift ideas to add to your list or you are buying for a hunter and have no idea what to get, look no further. The following list is full of ideas that would make any hunter smile on Christmas morning.

Browning Cast Iron Set

Outdoor cooking is an activity that most hunters eventually take up. After all, having an abundance of great-tasting wild game to eat will encourage hunters to find new and more delicious ways to prepare it. A cast iron cooking set will go a long way towards providing outdoor chefs with new and unique ways of preparing their game meats. This set from Browning includes everything you need to cook everything from meat and game and even side dishes and make a lot of happy campers in the process.

iron setPhoto via Outdoor Cooking

Hunter’s Specialties Combo Pack Mouth Calling 101

Learning a new skill is always high on the list of any hunter and the long winter months are the perfect time to do just that. Using a mouth call to lure in a turkey is one of the most exhilarating experiences a hunter can have and every hunter worth his gravy should be able to work a mouth call effectively. This combo pack of turkey mouth diaphragm calls come with everything a hunter needs to learn the subtle art of talking turkey. Those coveted Osceola turkeys won’t know what hit ‘em!

mouth callsPhoto via Sportsman’s Warehouse

Birchwood Casey Darkotic Smoke House Targets

No Christmas is complete without a gag gift or two to get everyone laughing. Help a hunter have some extra fun at the range while they are sighting in their rifles for some hog hunting. These hilarious zombie hog targets from Birchwood Casey are sure to have everyone at the range roaring in laughter while still getting the hunter on target for their hunt. The reactive nature of the targets also ensures the shooter will know exactly where their shot hit when they see the white halo appear around each impact.

birchwoodPhoto via Sportsman’s Warehouse

Smith and Wesson Little Pal Folding Knife

Ask any hunter and they will tell you that a folding pocket knife is one of the most versatile tools to have and that they never leave home without one. With most knives being designed with men in mind, women hunters are usually left with something less than visually appealing. That no longer has to be true with this Smith and Wesson folding knife. With a pleasant size to fit smaller hands and an attractive tie-dye type finish, this little blade will get a lot of use from any female hunter.

little palPhoto via Sportsman’s Warehouse

Whistling Wings Neoprene Shell Belt

Having extra shells at the ready is of the utmost importance during a waterfowl hunt. The last thing any waterfowl hunter wants is to be scrambling for more ammo when a flock of ducks or geese wings through their decoy spread. One of the quickest, easiest to access spots to keep extra shells is around the waist and this Whistling Wings neoprene shell belt accomplishes exactly that.

shell beltPhoto via Sportsman’s Guide

Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter by Steven Rinella

Although the majority of hunters prefer to be out in the field as often as possible, there are times when staying indoors and sitting by the fire is the better choice. This time will usually be taken up with such tasks as gun cleaning or knife sharpening, but relaxing with a good hunting book can be equally as favorable. In Meat Eater: Adventures from the Life of an American Hunter, the reader will be taken on ten hunts; each with their own lesson. From fur trapping to Dall sheep hunting, Meat Eater takes readers on a riveting tour through the trails and paths of the hunting lifestyle.

meat eaterPhoto via Booksamillion

Leupold VX-R Hog 1.25-4X20mm Rifle Scope

In the swamps of Florida, quick target acquisition is vital if a hunter plans on having a successful hog hunt. The Leupold VX-R Hog rifle scope is specifically designed with that feature in mind. It also features an illuminated reticle for those late evening hunts. With its exclusive Pig Plex reticle design and the revered Leupold name behind it, this rifle scope is sure to make any hog hunter squeal in happiness on Christmas morning.

firedotPhoto via Sportsman’s Guide

Any hunter lucky enough to open anything off this list on Christmas morning will be one happy camper. Just don’t be surprised when they spend the rest of the day checking out the new addition to their gear arsenal. Happy Holidays and Happy Hunting!


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