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Florida Hunter Mistakes Man For Deer, Shoots Him Twice

A Florida hunter mistakes a nature walker for a deer, and shoots him twice with a high-powered rifle.

Clint Galentine was walking in a wildlife preserve near Tampa, Fla last Sunday when he was shot twice by a hunter. The Bradenton Herald reported that 43-year-old hunter Michael Trott, mistook Galentine for a deer, and shot him with two rounds from a high-powered rifle. Galentine sustained bullet wounds to his side and arm.

“I don’t know how he mistakenly thought we were animals,” Galentine said.

Galentine was practicing turkey calls with his friend around the time of the shooting. The entrance to the wildlife preserve was marked with a no-hunting sign, so he did not believe he would have to worry about hunters.  But the Florida Wildlife Commission said that he missed the fine print on the sign that says hunting is allowed at certain access points on the land.

Police have not filed charges against Trott. He reportedly had all the necessary licences and was legally allowed to hunt on the land.

Doctors said Galentine might have some permanent damage, but he’s expected to make a recovery. Now, he’s pushing for a change to the hunting access on the land.

“If I was there with my daughter, she would not be here right now,” Galentine said. “There is no way a child could have withstood the power of the bullets. I am a hunter, I know.”

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Florida Hunter Mistakes Man For Deer, Shoots Him Twice