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Florida Gators Are Sneakier Than Bobcats [VIDEO]

Florida gators are sneakier than bobcats. This gator got so close to the bobcat that his breath spooked it.

Alligators are not known for being particularly stealthy animals out of the water. However, the big Florida gator in this video demonstrates how quiet and stealthy he can be as he sneaks up on this bobcat.

Make sure you watch your back when in gator country!

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Alligators and crocodiles are known for being top predators in the water, but this bobcat probably thought it was safe since it was sitting out of easy reach from the water.

In reality, it was probably only seconds away from being eaten before it finally realized the alligator was trying to make a meal out of it.

The reporter really tells us how close the Florida gator got to the bobcat.

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Florida Gators Are Sneakier Than Bobcats [VIDEO]