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Florida Has A Lot of Fishing Tournaments [VIDEO]

Listen to this laundry list of Florida fishing tournaments discussed by World Fishing Network’s JP DeRose and Captain Richard Black.

Breaking Boundaries is a pretty great show on the WFN: World Fishing Network, and we thought you’d enjoy this clip.

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Florida holds tons of fishing tournaments every year, and is known by many as a major fishing hotspot, in some cases the big game angling capital of the world.

Watch this short conversation with guide Richard Black, who might just have the best job in the world.

Something about it reminds us of Bubba from Forrest Gump. The way Black rattles off the various types of tournaments make us think of all the different shrimp dishes mentioned in the movie.

Do you plan to participate in any Florida fishing tournaments this year?

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Florida Has A Lot of Fishing Tournaments [VIDEO]