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Florida Fishing Guide Cited for Tying Pelican Beaks Together [PICS]

This Florida fishing guide was found tying beaks of several pelicans shut. 

“I’ve never hurt a pelican in my life,” said Larry Francis Lemieux Jr., a Florida fishing guide with Damage Inc. Fishing Charters. “I’m not in the business of harming animals. I’m an environmentalist.”

This is, of course, was the statement given by Lemieux after he was cited by two Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers. The officers watched him tie the beaks together of several brown pelicans before approaching his boat with his clients.

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News Herald

The officers reported that they overheard Lemieux saying, “Got to keep the trash population down,” as he allowed the tied pelicans to fly away. Shortly before approaching Lemieux, the officers also recovered the body of pelican, dead on the beach, tied in similar fashion to what they had observed.

Lemieux was charged with Cruelty to Animals and Taking a Species of Special Concern, both misdemeanors in the Florida criminal justice system. Lemieux is denying the charges.

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Florida Fishing Guide Cited for Tying Pelican Beaks Together [PICS]