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Florida Fish and Wildlife Cite Man for Punching a Hammerhead Shark

hammerhead shark

A Georgia man has racked up some significant citations after repeatedly punching a hammerhead shark.

Granger Ray Wooten, of Lafayette Georgia, was apprehended by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) officers and charged with a misdemeanor on 24 Oct for punching a hammerhead shark.

An Eyewitness reported that Mr. Wooten had entered the ocean at a pier in St. Andrew State Park and dragged out a hammerhead shark.  He was also seen punching the eight or nine-foot hammerhead shark in the gill area and then taking photos with another man and a small child above the animal.

The witness to the event had this to say in a formal statement to the FWC officers:

"The white male had his left arm around the shark's head and was punching it repeatedly in the stomach, the two white males then pulled the shark back into the water and tried to revive it, apparently to no avail."

Upon arrival, the FWC officers found the shark lying lifeless in the water under the pier and began questioning the suspect. After questioning Mr. Wooten, the suspect indicated he was simply attempting to revive the shark, but his statement quickly changed:

"Mr. Wooten then changed his story and attempted to explain to me that he was punching the shark around the stomach area to get the air out of its lungs," FWC officers wrote. "Mr. Wooten also declared 'It's kinda like doing CPR on a shark.'"

The FWC officers finished by providing the suspect a citation and taking pictures of the dead shark for evidence. Mr. Wooten is scheduled to appear in court 7 Dec. and the case is with the State Attorney's Office for review.

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Florida Fish and Wildlife Cite Man for Punching a Hammerhead Shark