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Florida Firearms Bill to Allow Concealed Guns During Evacuations

Lawmakers passed a bill recently allowing gun owners to take their guns with them during emergency evacuation without concealed carry permits. 

Senators in the Sunshine State passed a Florida firearms bill that would grant special permission to carry guns without a concealed carry permit.

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Currently only those with concealed carry permits are allowed to pack heat in emergency situations, but this new Florida firearms bill could change that.

Written by Sen. Jeff Brandes, the Florida firearms bill drew fire from both sides of the aisle.

Brandes told reporters, “You can put it in the glovebox of your car and that’s not concealed, but if you have it in certain other portions of your car it may be considered concealed. So, I think it’s just really trying to deal with those technicalities to make sure that we don’t charge Floridians who are law abiding, who are just simply trying to comply with a mandatory evacuation, with a felony.”

Those opposed argued that if there’s ever a time to require someone to carry a concealed weapon with a permit, it’s during an emergency, due to high emotions and compromised judgement.

Sen. Geraldine Thompson, spoke about the Florida firearms bill, arguing for permits establishing proof of ownership; “We’re creating a situation when there are downed power lines, high waters, high winds, everyone’s safety is threatened, that the law enforcement agencies now have to try to determine if the person who possesses the gun is lawfully entitled to have it.”

The House of Representatives will soon vote on the proposed Florida firearms bill.

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Florida Firearms Bill to Allow Concealed Guns During Evacuations