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Florida Dock Fishing for Giant Stingrays [VIDEO]

These guys manage to catch two giant stingrays from a dock in Florida.

One angler is able to land his stingray from shore, but the other guy hooks an even bigger ray and jumps aboard a friendly boater’s ride to fight his beast.

These rays made a bad habit of hanging around these fishermen’s favorite hole. They reported that the rays would strip their baits repeatedly, so they decided to hook them to see if that would run them off.

These were southern stingrays, and the angler who posted the video estimated the largest of the two, which locals referred to as “King Kong,” at close to 200 pounds. The rays swallowed entire fish carcasses which were used as bait.

Both rays were released, with the hopes the encounter would cause the large barbed predators to vacate the area. No indication was given if the stunt worked, but it looked fun either way.

Stingrays can be eaten, and many report the meat to be similar to shark.

These guys were very close to being stung too. Those tails were swinging wildly around while the guys landed them. Good thing luck was on their side that day.

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Florida Dock Fishing for Giant Stingrays [VIDEO]