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Florida Court Makes Major Second Amendment Ruling

Can Second Amendment rights and public school districts be combined?

On Tuesday, a Florida court of Appeals made a ruling that has set a precedent for open carry rights in the state.

Florida’s First District Court of Appeals ruled in favor of a University of North Florida student who sued the school for the right to keep her gun in her car while she attended classes. The court’s decision means Florida colleges will not be allowed to prohibit their students from storing legally-permitted, securely encased guns in their vehicles while on campus.

The main plaintiff in the case, 24-year-old Alexandria Lainez, said that she pursued legal action to ensure her safety to and from school.

“I think it’s pretty important to be able to protect myself and my son, especially with that long commute to and from school,” said Lainez.

Florida state law allows residents to store securely-encased guns in their cars, but public school districts can adopt an exemption waiver from the law. UNF claimed that it was a public school district.

The case initially went to a County judge who ruled in favor of UNF, and was later brought to Florida’s First District Court of Appeal, which ruled that UNF did not qualify as a public school district.

Lainez is a member of Florida Conceal, a Second Ammendment rights group. Both her and Florida Conceal acted as plaintiffs in the case.

Take a look at what the New York Times reported on firearm use in America.

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Florida Court Makes Major Second Amendment Ruling