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Florida Couple Arrested for Shocking Alligator Poaching Case [VIDEO]

This alligator poaching case is flat out disgusting. 

In a rather disturbing alligator poaching case hailing from Fort Pierce, Florida, a husband and wife were arrested for torture of an American alligator, but that’s not all.

First, this gator was poached out of season. According to reports, some time in the spring.

Second, the pictures emerged recently on the couple’s Facebook page showing the gator tied up.

Third, neighbor reports started emerging after the photo was posted saying that the couple proceeded to cut the gator’s head off while it was still alive and still tied up.

No matter where you live in this United States, torturing an animal is wrong, inhumane, and a crime. Here are the details in this news report from WPTV News | West Palm Beach Florida.

As of now, there is no hard evidence of whether or not the gator was in fact in tortured before death, however the fact that it was taken out of season is enough to stick charges for poaching.

Upon initial investigation, the gator’s head was recovered after being buried in the yard of the two people in question.

Hopefully these two will face swift justice.

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Florida Couple Arrested for Shocking Alligator Poaching Case [VIDEO]