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Florida Concealed Carry Holder Defends Himself in Waffle House Attack [VIDEO]

This surveillance video shows how a Florida concealed carry holder managed to defend himself from an assault by a group of intoxicated men in a Waffle House.

This Florida concealed carry holder was eating at a Waffle House one evening with his friend when a group of men, who appeared to be intoxicated, entered the restaurant.

Witness accounts of the situation stated that some of the men were yelling racial slurs at the two men sitting at the counter, one of whom is Hispanic and the other (who had a concealed carry permit) is black.

One of the intoxicated men walks over and begins talking to the two men at the counter, shaking the hand of one of them. When the other man refuses to shake his hand, he punches him in the face. The Florida concealed carry holder then pulls out his gun.

Watch the video to see what happens next.

The shirtless assailant was rushed to the hospital after being shot three times. Unfortunately for him, his friends got in a car accident on the way and the man did not survive.

After reviewing the surveillance video and reviewing witness statements of the event, law enforcement authorities have declined to press charges against the Florida concealed carry holder, determining that he acted in self-defense and behaved appropriately.

Fortunately for him, he lives in a state that is a strong supporter of gun rights.

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Florida Concealed Carry Holder Defends Himself in Waffle House Attack [VIDEO]