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Florida Black Bear Kills Family's Dog

A Naples family worries about further conflicts after a Florida black bear kills their dog.

Naples residents Steve and Alyssa Reidy are concerned about the safety of neighborhood pets and children after a Florida black bear killed their dog, a former rescue animal named, Piper.

According to Wink News, the Reidys heard a loud commotion of fighting animals and the whimpering of their pet early in the morning of Sept. 17. Armed with his .40-cal handgun and a flashlight, Reidy attempted to pursue the fight before retreating for his own safety.

Six hours later, family and friends located the mauled dog.

Now the family hopes to raise awareness about living with bears in their community. They fear further attacks on pets or people.

Florida Black Bear conflict management has been a prominent issue in state over the last year. In June 2015, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission voted to approve limited black bear hunts for the first time since 1994 as a component of a comprehensive Bear Management Plan to handle human-bear conflict and stabilize the growing population.

A lawsuit to halt the hunt was filed by opponents of the plan. A judge is set to review the lawsuit on Oct. 1.

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Florida Black Bear Kills Family's Dog