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Florida Big Game Hunting Gift Guide

The big game hunting scene in Florida is an interesting one. In many ways, it’s not too different than many other states, with populations of whitetail deer that most outdoor enthusiasts are eager to hunt down and kill. However, the crown jewel of Florida big-game hunting is inarguably the alligator. Hunters who are able to snatch an alligator hunting permit work hard to fill their two- gator bag limit until zone and statewide quotas are met, meaning that time is of the essence for most hardcore big-game hunters in Florida. With that in mind, the following slate of gifts is handpicked to help a Florida hunter find and kill gators faster than their competitors can.

Browning Black Label Tactical Headlamp ($89.99): Most gator hunting expeditions take place at night, so having a good headlamp is essential for many a Florida hunter. Flashlights won’t due the trick, due to the need of keeping one’s hands free, so a well-made headlamp can serve as a great gift for the gator hunter in your life. With a bright, 550 lumens bulb with five modes and an LED rated for 500,000 hours of use, the Browning Black Label Tactical headlamp is just what a hunter needs for nighttime adventures.

FL-headlampPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Fishing Gear: In order to bag a gator, a hunter won’t just need the typical hunting skills and equipment, but fishing gear and specialty as well. As long as the fishing rod you choose for gator hunting is strong and durable, you don’t have to be too choosey about the other features. With that in mind, extremely durable rods like the classic Shakespeare Ugly Stik should be on your radar for gator hunting. Whatever rod you choose, it has to be able to withstand a lot of force and thrash from the gator.

FL-ugly stikPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Alligator hunting also requires a very specific kind of snatch or treble hook in order to hook the gator and keep it still enough for a kill shot. Treble hooks from Mustad ($4.99), Eagle Claw ($3.69), and Gamakatsu ($7.49) are all worth a look, as is the multi-purpose weighted treble hook from Bass Pro Shops ($3.49).

FL-treble hookPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch Fishfinder/GPS Chartplotter ($2,399.99): One of the coolest things about gator hunting is that it gives big-game hunters that chance to use all of the cool toys usually reserved for fishermen. This GPS device uses sonar to help you find structures, fish, or other sizable obstacles near your boat. In other words, it can tell you where the gators might be hiding and help you to draw them out.

FL-lowrancePhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Reflective Clothing: Since most gator hunting takes place at night, the clothing options are different than for most other big game hunters. Gator hunters have a wide range of clothing options at their disposal, from traditional camouflage to all black, but they should make sure to have some sort of reflective clothing in their wardrobe so that they can be seen in the dark by other boats. Whether gator hunters need help from another boat to haul in a big kill or just want to preserve safe practices, reflective clothing is a must.

FL-reflectivePhoto via Sportsman’s Guide

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Florida Big Game Hunting Gift Guide