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Florida Bear Devours 20-Pound Bag of Dog Food Then Takes Nap in Yard [PICS]

All Photos via WFTV

A large black bear in Florida got into a garage, finished off a 20-pound bag of dog food, and then took a nap in the yard.  

A homeowner in Seminole County, Florida walked into her backyard to something very big dozing in the brush next to a 20-pound bag of dog food. She immediately called her neighbor, Bob Cross, who usually deals with neighborhood nuisance critters.

“That’s a big bear. That’s a huge bear,” Cross said.

The bear had gotten into the homeowner’s garage and dragged out the giant bag of dog food. The bear then proceeded to eat almost the entire bag.


Cross decided to let the bear be rather than wake it and scare it off. He got a few close-up photos since the bear literally ate himself into a coma. It was obviously very full after eating almost an entire bag of dog food.

“(It) repositioned three or four times and stretched out. It just laid there,” he said.

Another neighbor snuck up to the dozing bear and took the rest of the bag of dog food. He didn’t want the bear to come back for seconds once it woke up.


Black bear hunting season has been approved in Florida and will begin October 24, 2015 and last a week, or until the harvest quota is met, whichever comes first. Cross and his neighbors hope this one won’t be a target.

All photos via WFTV

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Florida Bear Devours 20-Pound Bag of Dog Food Then Takes Nap in Yard [PICS]