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Florida Angler Bags State Record Brown Bullhead Catfish

A Florida fisherman caught a state record brown bullhead catfish while fishing for crappie last month.

On Feb. 12, angler Richard Clinton of Dade City bagged a record brown bullhead on a privately owned lake in Pasco County. Like most fishermen who make record catches, Clinton did not expect to reel in a trophy fish. He was fishing for crappie, a modest fish, using live-minnow bait at a 32-foot depth. The bite on his line was stronger than the pull of a crappie.

"I was surprised at how strong the fish pulled once I hooked it," Clinton said. "It fought harder than a 7-pound bass I also caught."

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Clinton's catch is now the Florida state record bullhead caught on a rod and reel. The catfish weighed 7.02 pounds and measured 22.5 inches with a 15.5-inch girth. Clinton was just a few ounces away from snagging the world record bullhead catfish. He said he's still happy with his state record.

"I knew I had a big fish," Clinton said. "I'm glad I was recognized for catching a state record brown bullhead."

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Florida Angler Bags State Record Brown Bullhead Catfish