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Florida Alligator Attacks Swimmer and Bites off Arm [VIDEO]

Florida alligator attacks are not very common, especially ones like this. 

In a frightening news story that broke out of Seminole Country Florida, an alligator viciously attacked a swimmer and bit off her arm in the process.

Florida Fish and Wildlife personnel stated that the attack occurred on the Wekiva River, an area known for alligators.
FOX 13 News

Florida alligator attacks do happen, but they are normally fairly rare. In this case, Rachael Lilienthal was swimming in an area with a lot of people when she decided to go to a less populated area of the river.

All of a sudden, Lilienthal felt something grab her and pull her under. She stated that she lost count of how many times the gator pulled her under, but she remembers when it broke her arm and bit it off.

Florida Fish and Wildlife officers stated that kayakers came to help Lilienthal who had to use their paddles to fight the gator off of her. She was then rushed to the hospital.

A day later, officials confirmed that they trapped a very large gator suspected to be the culprit in the attack.

It has since been destroyed.

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Florida Alligator Attacks Swimmer and Bites off Arm [VIDEO]