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On the Floor at ATA Show 2016: Click It Hot’s Reusable Body Warmers

All photos by Alex Burton

Disposable hand and foot warmers will be a thing of the past after you pick yourself up some of Click It Hot’s reusable hand/foot warmers.

The cold is a constant battle for outdoorsmen. Nothing ends a hunting, hiking, or fishing trip faster than the onset of frozen toes and fingers. With Click It Hot’s reusable warmers your hands and feet will stay toasty warm your entire trip into winter’s cold embrace.

While disposable body warmers don’t seem to cost much when you are at the register, they can quickly add up during the long winter months if you are an avid outdoorsmen like myself. With a reusable hand or foot warmer you can quickly reduce that cost to near zero and put that money to better use elsewhere.

This is why I’m glad I ran into to Holly at Click It Hot’s ATA Show 2016 booth. Their jelly-like pads available in a variety of sizes are designed to be reset and used numerous times all winter long.


Activating them is simple. When you are ready to use them, simply push the small button in their center and begin working them around in your hand. Within seconds it with turn from a squishy pad into a heat-creating machine.

Simply slide them into your pockets or inside your boots and let them work their way up to their max temperature of around 130 degrees. When you are done for the day, pack them up and take them back home. All that is needed to reset them for next time is a pot of boiling water.

Each hand/foot warmer lasts around 30 minutes, with larger ones lasting longer.

These little packs aren’t just limited to warmth, either. They can be placed in the refrigerator to be used for sprains or other injuries during the warmer months, making them useful year round.

Prices range from $12.99 for the small hand/foot warmers on up, depending on the size you want. Check out their website for more information and availability.

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On the Floor at ATA Show 2016: Click It Hot’s Reusable Body Warmers